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About Yakov Levy MD PC

About The Practice

Yakov Levy MD PC has been providing patient-centered OB/GYN care in New York City for more than 18 years. With offices located in Forest Hills, Queens, and Midtown East Manhattan, the OB/GYN practice takes an evidence-based, integrated approach to care, focusing on the needs of the patient, not simply what their labs, symptoms, or diagnosis dictates. Yakov Levy MD PC provides compassionate care for women of all ages, including teens, adults, and seniors. Led by Dr. Levy, the team specializes in gynecology, pregnancy, and surgical procedures.

For over 18 years, patients have been reaching out to Dr. Levy for expert care for issues such as abnormal bleeding, abnormal Pap smear or HPV virus, wellness exams, sexual health and problems with sex, pelvic infections and STDs, birth and delivery, menopause, urinary incontinence, contraception, fertility evaluations, endometriosis, pelvic pain, polycystic ovaries, and pelvic, vaginal, and body cosmetics. Urinary incontinence evaluation and treatment using various nonsurgical and surgical methods are all offered at the highest level. Pelvic, gynecological, and obstetrical sonograms and fetal monitorings are performed in-office utilizing the latest 4D sonographic and monitoring equipment. Minimally invasive surgeries are performed on-site, and the office is AAAA accredited for office-based surgical procedures. Other surgeries performed in-office include hysteroscopies, polypectomies, dilatation and curretages, colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, cone biopsies, LEEP procedures, Bartholin's, gland surgeries, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and pelvic rehabilitation.

Dr. Levy performs most major open and laparoscopic surgeries at Lenox Hill Hospital and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Some of Dr. Levy’s elite premier services include total mommy makeover, pelvic rehabilitation, reversal of pregnancy birth, and age-related changes in women’s pelvic health and anatomy. Pelvic rehabilitation is a uniquely comprehensive approach to restoring pelvic, vaginal, and sexual health that is affected by aging, birth, and menopause. The practice offers vaginal laser rejuvenation, pelvic muscle strengthening and toning with high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation, and medical and surgical procedures to achieve the highest patient satisfaction.

Yakov Levy MD PC also specializes in aesthetic treatments for women, including body contouring and sculpting, abdominal and butt muscle toning, cellulitis reduction, face and wrinkle tightening, skin resurfacing, stretch mark and scar treatment, and laser hair removal. In addition, the high-tech office has many advanced medical and aesthetic tools, including 4D sonograms, NovaSure®, FemiLift, and Emsella®, Accent Prime US-RF, Opus Plasma™, Soprano ICE Platinum, KORR metabolic testing. For experienced OB/GYN and cosmetic care from a team that strives to deliver beyond excellent patient care, call the office of Yakov Levy MD PC or book an appointment online today.

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