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Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialist

Yakov Levy MD PC -  - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Yakov Levy MD PC

Obstetrics, Gynecology, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery located in Midtown East, New York, NY & Queens, Forest Hills, NY.

When it comes to improving your look, invasive surgery is no longer your only option. The ever-increasing demand for aesthetic treatment from patients led Dr. Levy to expand his expertise in the constantly evolving field of cosmetic procedures. After many years of training and practicing, Yakov Levy, MD, offers the most effective and advanced in-office laser & cosmetic surgery procedures, including non-surgical fat shrinking, body contouring, abdominal and butt muscle toning body skin tightening, facial skin resurfacing and cellulitis treatments for patients in New York City and Queens. To learn more about laser & cosmetic surgery at Yakov Levy MD PC, call the office in Forest Hills, Queens, or Midtown East Manhattan or book a consultation online today.

Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Q & A

What is Laser & Cosmetic Surgery?

Laser & Cosmetic Surgery at Yakov Levy MD PC includes a range of in-office treatments aimed at helping you meet your beauty goals. The team specializes in women’s health and expanded services to include aesthetic treatments based on patient request.

Whether you’re looking for a non-surgical treatment to get rid of unwanted fat or smooth out facial wrinkles, the aesthetic experts at Yakov Levy MD PC have a treatment for you. 

What in-office Laser & Cosmetic Surgeries might I get?

The dedicated team at Yakov Levy MD PC provides patients cutting-edge care and offers many innovative in-office aesthetic treatments. The aesthetic services include:

  • Non-surgical fat shrinking
  • Body sculpting and contouring
  • Body skin tightening
  • Stretch mark and scar removal
  • Abdominal muscle toning and contouring
  • Butt muscle toning and lifting
  • Abdominal muscle toning and contouring
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Face skin tightening
  • Radiofrequency (RF) plasma facial skin resurfacing
  • Laser hair removal

Contact the office today to learn more about the aesthetic treatments and how they can help you achieve your beauty goals. 

How are Laser & Cosmetic Surgeries performed?

Yakov Levy MD PC is a high-tech office with the most advanced aesthetic tools to perform your treatment. Some of the aesthetic systems include:


To tone your muscles and improve the contours of your body, the team uses EMSCULPT. The innovative body sculpting tool builds and strengthens muscles. 

Soprano ICE Platinum

Yakov Levy MD PC uses the Soprano ICE Platinum for quick, effective, and painless laser hair removal. 

Opus Plasma® laser

The Opus Plasma laser is a fractional plasma skin resurfacing tool that tightens and resurfaces the skin on your face, abdomen, and arms. This innovative laser also treats stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles.

Accent Prime  

Accent Prime is a body contouring tool. It uses radiofrequency energy and ultrasound technology to shrink the fat cells on your stomach, love handles, arms, and under your chin (submental fat). It is also effective at skin tightening on the abdomen, buttocks, face, arms, and legs and reduces the appearance of cellulite. 

Which Laser & Cosmetic Surgery is best for me?

The team at Yakov Levy MD PC takes a personalized approach to care and conducts comprehensive evaluations when you come to the office for an aesthetic consultation. 

During the consultation, your provider asks detailed questions to fully understand your beauty goals so they can design a plan that best meets your needs.

For personalized laser & cosmetic surgery from a team that offers advanced tools and technology, call the office of Yakov Levy MD PC or book a consultation online today.

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