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Having children is an amazing gift that begins with a nine-month journey. This journey to parenthood includes prenatal care, which focuses on the ultimate goal of delivering a healthy baby. At his practice in Forest Hills, Queens, and Midtown East Manhattan, Yakov Levy, MD, delivers top-notch pregnancy care to women in New York City. If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, call your nearest office or schedule an appointment online.

Pregnancy Q & A

What is prenatal care? 

Prenatal care is the medical care you and your unborn baby receive leading up to the birth. The ultimate goal of prenatal care is to deliver a healthy baby while also securing the best overall health of the mother.

During your pregnancy, you should schedule frequent checkups. The team at Yakov Levy MD PC completes physical examinations, checks your weight, and runs a urine test. 

As your pregnancy progresses, they perform other tests to gather information to monitor both your baby’s health and yours. Common prenatal tests and activities include:

  • Checking your weight
  • Monitoring your baby’s heart rate
  • Performing blood tests and ultrasounds
  • Genetic carrier testing
  • Genetic testing of fetus and parents
  • Prenatal screening tests and sonograms
  • Anatomy sonogram for fetus
  • Gestational diabetes, Preeclampsia treatment
  • Cord blood banking

If you are older or if the team determines your pregnancy to be high risk, they may perform additional tests to monitor your health and the health of your baby.

What are the different types of childbirth delivery methods?

There are two basic types of delivery methods: vaginal delivery and cesarean delivery, or C-section.

Vaginal delivery

The majority of births in the United States are vaginal deliveries. With this method, you can opt to deliver your baby naturally, without anesthesia, or with the aid of a pain reliever such as an injection of corticosteroids and a local anesthetic, known as an epidural.


A C-section is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made to lift the baby out of the womb. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 31.9% of all births in the US are C-sections. In most cases, your physician performs a C-section if they believe that a vaginal delivery would be risky for the baby or the mother.

Your physician may recommend a C-section if you are delivering more than one baby, since your uterus is overstretched, making it difficult to contract during labor.

What is postpartum care?

Postpartum care is the health care that happens in the weeks after your baby is born. The team at Yakov Levy MD PC recommends coming in for a checkup within six weeks after having your baby to monitor your health, both physically and mentally. 

They want to make sure you are beginning to feel like your old self again and that your body is recovering normally.

Yakov Levy MD PC has been providing superior pregnancy care to families throughout the New York City area. Schedule an appointment by calling the office today or booking online.

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